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Greg Keane is a seasoned IT expert and skilled trainer, delivering insightful lectures and practical solutions to clients seeking to enhance their technological competence. Adept at providing valuable instruction tailored to specific needs, Greg possesses a rare blend of theoretical know-how and real-world skills. He offers comprehensive coaching services covering areas such as e-commerce, social networking, technology integration, cybersecurity, user accessibility, digital literacy, strategy development, personal growth, and inspiration. With a background spanning well over 25 years in the IT sector, Greg combines his extensive knowledge base with unparalleled dedication to create engaging presentations that leave lasting impacts on audiences worldwide. In addition to his mainstay consultative practice, Greg previously held key positions at organizations like Technology Trainers and York University's Student Union, where he honed essential talents as both a trainer and communications coordinator. On leaving the position at York University he transitioned to roles like Microsoft Advisor and Google Experience Manager. These experiences have equipped him with exceptional abilities, which he now uses to help individuals excel in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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